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A canyoning haven

Cut into the stone, this wadi is a chain of water pools and submerged caves that make it a canyoning haven. Those that prefer a more leisurely hike, can follow the wadi’s edge to or from Kitnah village.

Wadi Kitnah used to be one of the most popular freshwater pool destinations for Al Ain residents, until the Omani government built an official border post just a kilometre before the turn-off. People stopped going due to the extra time needed to complete the border crossing, the cost of the visa and the requirement for Omani car insurance. Instead, they diverted their attention to closer and less bureaucratic wadis.

Gradually, fewer and fewer people knew of this wadi, and that is a shame as it is one of the best wadi destinations in the region. When the water is fresh and flowing, there are pools deep enough for those brave enough to jump in from a cliff the height of a three-storey building and, in the gorges, you can float through caves, sometimes even having to swim under rock to get through.

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